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Roosevelt Pop-Up Store

Multi Brand Pop-Up Store.

Full last minute conceptional design, adminstration and branding of a four week pop-up store. It took place in an about 100 years old pharmacy named ‘Rosen-Apotheke’ on which the names ‘Roosevelt’ and ‘Rosenbar’ are based on. ‘Rosenbar’ was a venue located there too.

Brands: 032c, Dr. Marten’s, Tissue Magazine, Lodown, Fun Time, Hikids 1991, TPDG, Fizzy Mag, Beste Modus, Gourmet Shoes, Naviiv, LookyLooky, Ambivalent ...
medium ········· branding, concept, visual merchandising,
                 interior, sale, everything
year   ········· 12/2013
country ········ DE
special notes ·· push it real good
photos ········· christian hell

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